Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last design

Suzanne's Angular 
Suzanne's decorative unit is flawlessly executed, especially the construction of the angular features.  We commented that the black angular base complemented the design.  The lily shows the angulation quite well, yet provides contrast of form and color.   The colors of the lily unite the container and the angular material.  We did not address the underlay.  The underlay color is appropriate however, the size is too small.  An underlay should  be "proportionate to the frame of reference" which means as wide as the design is wide and as deep as the design is deep.  She used a cane grass which can often be found on the side of the highway. As she worked with it over a period of days it faded from bright green to a light yellow green, which caused a change in some of the components she used.  If you are working with fresh material in the structure of your design you might want to start a few days in advance, so you can be prepared for the unexpected.

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  1. You are so right about the underlay. It was not the correct size and as you see in the photo, it detracts from the overall design. If it had been larger, it would have incorporated the top size of the angles within the space. As it is, it cuts it off. If I had been in a show, it would have been heavily faulted, but that is one factor I learned early on and don't do it. Hope the newbee's can learn from this error and not repeat it. Also, we should use a cardboard backboard for backgrounds. Perhaps have white, black, and light blue to shoot pics with, too. Just a suggestion. Thanks for all the other compliments.