Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monobotanic and still coming!

I am so proud of our club!!!  We chose a somewhat hard design for our January subject and we had a tremendous turn-out and spectacular designs!  Hooray for us!  This time we decided to create a floral design using monobotanic floral material in any National Garden Club Handbook sanctioned type of design we wanted.  And, boy, didn't we get some beauties!

Before I go on, let me explain what a monobotanic design is.

This is Heather's genus quercus design.  She has the huge acorns of the bur oak with a trunk of oak and some water oak branches with foliage.  Heather felt the multicolored striped background integrated the green, red, orange and brown of the natural material.  However, the group felt the the background was too busy and distracted from the design.  We changed out the backgrounds with these two blues and really liked the sky blue. Pat Graber, a Master Judge Emeritus, commented that in Flower Show School 101, it was stated that all designs looked better against a sky blue background.